Ti Misié - Doudou Kreyol

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Ti Misié - Doudou Kreyol
Ti Misié - Doudou Kreyol
Ti Misié - Doudou Kreyol
Ti Misié - Doudou Kreyol

A Big Welcome to Ti Misié! The very first French Caribbean Doudou


Ti Misié (Little Guy) is pronounced Tɪ/mɪ/sɪ/e/

With his Bakoua hat, overalls and cheeky smile. Ti Misié will surely become your child's new best friend.


Height 30 cm - 100% Polyester

Conform to the CE norms


Doudou (pronounced /ˈduːduː/)
In the French West Indies (or Creole) that is the name we use for "Teddy "but Doudou is also used as a term of endearment (the Australian version of "pumpkin")
Bakoua Hat 
A hat from an ancestral tree: The bakoua tree (pandanus utilis), is a tropical tree whose leaves are used for the manufacture of hats and others basketeries.
This hat is an essential accessory of the clothing culture in The French West Indies.

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