Chef Micka

The Founder, Micka, is from the French Caribbean, so most of his recipes are from that region, specifically from Martinique and Guadeloupe, where his family are.

Martinique and Guadeloupe are overseas regions as well as France départements (states), as are French Guiana and Réunion island. All these places are French governed, they are part of the EU; scattered french gems between the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea.


The island use to be known as Madinina "the island of flowers". Situated between Dominica and Saint Lucia, Martinique is a volcanic island. This beautiful island is very Europeanized, modern, with a thriving touristic industry,an extensive road network and great gastronomy. The south is known for its sandy beaches, The north for is volcanic (black) sand and luxurious forests.


The island was named Karukera "the islands of beautiful waters', by its early inhabitants the Caribs. Mainland Guadeloupe comprises two islands, separated by a narrow strait: the flatter Grande-Terre and the hilly Base-Terre. These two islands are shaped like a butterfly. There's also Marie-Galant, Désirade and Les Saintes who are offering a nice way to soak up the real traditions of Guadeloupe and the reminiscence of the old days.




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