The Touloulou Story

The Touloulou story began when I moved to Sydney from St Martinique in 2011. After a couple of weeks of adjusting and exploring, I realised that there weren’t that many Caribbean or French Caribbean people around! [aye bondié koté men yé i??]

I found my tribe of people who loved good food and good conversations as much as I did. I have made many friends along the way and from all over and that's when I knew that the best way to create a community was through food! I would bring my own sauces or treats to dinner gatherings with my friends and being a pastry chef by trade, I would bring gifts to those gatherings in little jars. Everyone loved it and I always kept their smile in the back of my mind. This reminded me of the community vibe that I loved in the Caribbean.

Being from the Caribbean, we love our spices ! I thought Sydney was missing out on the French Caribbean kick, so I took matters into my own hands and turned to my old family recipe book.

And that’s how Touloulou was born!

Starting from scratch hasn’t been easy but it is always an amazing and enriching experience.

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