Boucane Dry Rub - 150g (Mild)

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Boucane Dry Rub - 150g (Mild)
Boucane Dry Rub - 150g (Mild)
Boucane Dry Rub - 150g (Mild)
Ingredients: Onion, Garlic, Thyme, Allspice, Smoked Paprika, Roucou, Nutmeg, Bayleaves

This blend has been carefully crafted to recreate the French Caribbean staple that is Poulet Boucane (smoked Chicken)
This type of chicken is first marinated overnight, then smoked completely enclosed in a metal container on a rack placed over charcoal, soaked bread and pieces of sugar cane.

Use our Boucane blend on any poultry for a Sunday BBQ you will remember.

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